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The small town of Davenport, known primarily for their agricultural contribution, is also famous for their beautiful white sand beaches with abundant marine life. To keep nature in the whole area pristine, the community voted nine of the most prominent individuals who exude leadership qualities to be part of the committee. They will be in charge of creating rules and making sure people follow them. Know more about them below:

James Hamilton

Chairman of the Committee

As a resident of Davenport for 47 years, James has the full trust of the local citizens due to the many projects he was able to lead as the former vice chairman. He was responsible for the once a month clean-up drive at the Secret Beach at the southwest part of town where surfers and tourists usually gather. By day, he works as an interior designer in his own firm.

Christina Goldstein

Vice Chairman

She moved here ten years ago because of her love for the ocean. Despite her being in town for only quite some time compared to the other locals, she was able to win the hearts of everyone due to her passion as an environmental advocate. She was the person behind the No Plastic rule that eradicated the use of single-use plastics in households and commercial establishments.


Vera Warfield


Our meetings will not be as productive without Vera. She takes notes of everything discussed and reminds us of our tasks in case we forgot.

Caroline Woods


If it’s finance we’re talking about, then Caroline is the one in charge. Her roots as an accountant started when she worked in the same job at Remdal.com. She makes sure that our budget will be sufficient for all the projects everyone is leading.

Brandon Dunaway


As an accountant by day, there’s no one more fit for the role than Brandon. He keeps the records balanced, ensuring that no single cent is unaccounted for.

Bernard Brown

Events Coordinator

Behind every successful event is Bernard. He organizes the quarterly events that tourists and locals look forward to attending.  

Anna Rowell

Marketing & PR

Keeping the town of Davenport in the radar for everyone’s bucket list of places to go to is Anna. She also handles the social media campaigns to raise awareness for the events and activities.

George Nelson

Volunteer Coordinator

With all the tourists visiting throughout the year, garbage can quickly accumulate if left unchecked. We are always on the lookout for volunteers who can dedicate their time into keeping our coasts clean.

Joseph Moore

Health and Safety Officer

As a small municipality, we don’t have access to state of the art hospitals or medical facilities, thus keeping the safety of everyone a rather tricky task. Thanks to Joseph’s efforts, we can keep emergency incidents at the minimum.

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